Placing Orders

How do I track my order?

On the day of delivery, an SMS notification will be sent to you by the delivery courier notifying you of the delivery. You can also track and trace your delivery of the delivery. You can also track and trace your delivery on or depending on which courier company is delivering your parcel.

My order was cancelled, what do I do? 

This might have happened for one of the following reasons:

- We didn’t receive your payment
- There may have been a payment partner failure
- We were unable to deliver your order to you

Our delivery partner will attempt delivery to your specified address two or three times, depending on your region. If they are not able to successfully deliver your order, then the parcel will be returned to our warehouse for a refund.

- We are alerted to any fraudulent activity

ARC reserves the right to cancel or refuse any order that could be deemed fraudulent. This includes, but is not limited to, instances of suspected stolen credit cards and abuse of promo/offer incentives. 
Should any alarm bells be raised, ARC may get request documentation to complete the necessary checks. The requested documentation should be received within one business day, failure to receive the required documentation in the specified time frame will result in the order being cancelled.

Can I change or edit my order after checking out?

Once an order is confirmed, we are unfortunately unable to add, remove or replace any items. For any changes, you would either need to place a new order with the correct items and follow our returns process on the original order

I no longer want my order,  am I able to I cancel it?

Once your order is placed, we are not able to cancel it. Should you no longer want to receive the order, get in touch with us here and we’ll assist in arranging a return for you. The order will then be collected from you, free of charge, and a refund will be actioned once the items are returned to our warehouse. Get to know our Returns Policy  to ensure you qualify for a full refund.

Can I order by phone?

While we cannot accept orders placed by phone, one of our friendly Digital Beauty Architects are on standby and would be happy to assist you through the process of placing an order through our website.