KAYALI, which translates from Arabic to ‘my imagination’, is a refreshing approach to the artistry of Eau de Parfum. The founder, Mona Kattan has always been obsessed by fragrance and has spent 7 years developing and sourcing the perfect range. Inspired by the rich heritage and simple sophistication of the Middle East, KAYALI reflects limitless possibilities, personalities and desires, to celebrate and enhance your infinite layers. We’ve handcrafted our ultra-addictive fragrances, designed to be layered and combined to create a scent that is truly yours. Now, we’re giving you all our tips and tricks on how to experiment with fragrance, and become a layering pro.


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Allow your olfaction to move you to a world of limitless possibilities through KAYALI's range of irresistable perfumes. The range of women's Eau de Parfums are designed to be layered and blended so that you can achieve your own signature scent. Shop from our wide selection of KAYALI perfumes and Eau de Parfums which include KAYALI Citrus, Vanilla, Musk, Pink Pepper scents and more available online at ARC.