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The best way to frame your face? Strong and rich eyebrows. Whether you've got full or sparse brows, we've got something to suit every need with our range of eyebrow fillers and enhancers to help them appear darker or fuller. Although bleached brows are trending now, which makes them hardly visible- a good pair of groomed and accentuated brows are never a miss. Soap and laminated brows are still all the rage, fill them in using gel or a pencil for vivid strokes that last. For a more natural looking effect, use powder and tints.

For oily and combination skin types, whose oiliness is around the T-zone, dab on powder to your brows before applying any eyebrow product. This will help absorb excess sebum production and keep your eyebrows in place for longer. The best makeup for sparse brows is powder. It fills in the brows naturally and conceals gaps without being too obvious. Eyebrows gels are great for locking any application in and giving brows a 3D effect. Lock everything in and keep it in place with a makeup setting spray.

To do perfect brows, make sure that your brows are tweezed or waxed in shape. This makes it easier for you to create any shape you wish. Pencils usually do the best job in creating hairlike strokes and creating a frame. They also blend well. Use a gel to intensify a brow look, usually filling it in from the middle towards the tail of the brow, then blending. Shop from our wide selection of eyebrow pencils, gels, tints and more available online at ARC.