Set your lash goal and achieve it every time with our selection of mascaras. Whether you're looking to curl, add volume, lengthen or perhaps you're wanting to experiment with a pair of falsies, you won't find a wider selection anywhere else.


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What’s great about lashes is that you can make them as subtle or dramatic as you want. Ultimately, they make your eyes pop. Lash primer helps coat and protect your lashes while nourishing them. Choose from defined eyelashes using our buildable mascaras and premium, reusable false lashes that go with any look and makeup trend. If you’re looking to keep abreast of trends, then go for something a little colourful. Whatever your choice, our range of premium products are suitable for all eyes and lashes.


To get the best out of your mascara, avoid pumping the wand in and out of the tube in an attempt to pick up more product. This only gets more air trapped inside the tube and causes the contents to dry out quicker. Instead swirl your wand inside your tube and work with how much product it picks up. For extra lengthened lashes, apply as many coats of mascara as possible. As each layer sets, the next one you apply builds over it and creates added volume and length. Applying a lash primer beforehand helps give amplified results.  


Makeup remover helps to gently remove stubborn makeup around the eyes. An oil-based cleanser, too, does the trick for stubborn eye makeup. Before removing strip lashes, place a cotton wool soaked in eye makeup remover over the eye for a few seconds then pull the lash off. This helps loosen the glue and stops it from tugging at your natural lashes. Care for your lashes using our high-quality eyelash treatments that are suitable for sensitive eyes to get healthy lashes all year round. Shop from our wide selection of eyelashes, mascaras and more available online at ARC.