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Find your signture scent or start building your fragrance wardrobe with our selection of Eau de Parfums, Eau de Toilettes and Body Sprays from highly-coveted brands like GUCCIValentinoBurberry and more. 


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Evoke a sense of mystery about your aura with our range of women's avant-garde fragrances. Whether bold or delicate, every perfume needs to make a clear statement about its wearer. Eau de Parfums will give you a potent aroma while Eau de Toilettes are gentler, both making an excellent choice for any preference.


To help your fragrance cling on your skin better, make sure that the area you're adorning with perfume is well moisturised. Hold your perfume bottle about 20cm away from your skin to achieve an even application, preferrably over pulse points. The sun can tamper with your perfume’s chemical composition, so store yours in a cool dry place.

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