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all of me by narciso rodriguez: The one-of-a-kind essence of me. all of me... all of me is the new perfume for women by narciso rodriguez parfums – a bold and multifaceted fragrance that reinterprets femininity for a whole new generation of women. A celebration of individuality and self-expression, all of me is a fragrance for a new era of empowered and free-spirited women who explore their own truth and confidently embrace all that makes them unique.

A floral perfume reimagined
For this new narciso rodriguez fragrance, the designer worked with renowned perfumers Daphné Bugey and Dora Baghriche to create a bold reinvention of the floral fragrance family.

By combining the iconic scent of precious rose centifolia with an unexpected note of geranium bourbon, an ingredient typically only found in men's fragrances, all of me transcends the codes of perfumery to create a prismatic and multi-facetted perfume: a floral like no other.

The striking duet of rose and geranium is combined with essence of magnolia, powdery black iris and bewitching tuberose to form a kaleidoscopic blend of florals that unfurls to a heart of delicate accord of milky-white muscs. These creamy, second-skin muscs are an addictive evolution of the rare musc accord that is the signature of all narciso rodriguez fragrances. Six different musc notes are blended together, each one bringing a distinct dimension to the scent – a softness, a luminosity or a rich woody texture. Milky notes are fused with these muscs to create a new creamy sensuality – a unique milky-musc accord that completely reinvents the iconic narciso rodriguez musc.

In the base of the fragrance, the lasting embrace of warm sandalwood and velvety amber notes creates a rich and enveloping trail that lingers on the skin.

A bottle of prismatic beauty
The elegant, prismatic bottle of all of me symbolizes the many facets of the woman who wears it – the full spectrum of her colors diffracted through its multi-facetted form.

Geometric and yet curvaceous, the bottle is a precious object of artistry, radiating with a pure luminosity and a light pink flash underneath that echoes the color of the sublime, rose-pink fragrance within.

A natural perfume more consciously crafted
all of me is a more responsibly-sourced fragrance with 88% of its ingredients from natural origin. The three star natural ingredients of the vegan perfume are all more responsibly sourced to be more mindful not only of the environment, but also of the local communities who grow these precious ingredients. The rose centifolia is more responsibly sourced – handpicked locally at dawn from the legendary fields of Grasse in France. An infusion of rose centifolia is used in all of me for its soft and natural quality, while the rich absolute is used for its floral sensuality, with undertones of spice and honeyed tobacco.

Geranium bourbon from Réunion is sourced working with a female-led cooperative who supports and offers a better quality of life for their employees with unparalleled know-how in producing the prized essence of this fragile plant.

The sandalwood used in all of me is more responsibly sourced from Australia, working with a reforestation program that replants at least 30% more trees than it harvests.

The art of the perfume ritual
The art of perfuming is the best way to make your eau de parfum last all day with a lingering trail of scent. Follow these tips to make your perfume last and create your own sublimely scented ritual.

- The secret to making your fragrance last longer starts with your skincare. The more hydrated your skin, the longer your perfume will linger because the emollients in moisturizers help to keep the fragrance molecules from evaporating.

- Mist an enveloping cloud of all of me all over your body, so that it lightly infuses your skin. Then apply the perfume onto your pulse points – inner wrists, the inner crease of your elbows, the décolletage and behind your ears – allowing the scent to gradually diffuse with the warmth of your body.

- Spritz all of me lightly over your hair to envelop each strand with its delicate floral fragrance notes, creating an exquisite sillage of scent as you move.

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