black|Up is the first French beauty brand dedicated to women of colour. The Paris-based line is known for its range of professional-quality makeup that is developed by women of colour and answers the specific needs of darker skin tones. black|Up develops a true expertise answering darker complexions’ specific needs and offers products that pair professional quality and pleasure of use: velvety effects, matte or powdery finishes, perfect coverage, ultra-vibrant colours, 100% non-ashy finish… Thanks to its unique offer, black|Up has become a key player in the makeup world that seduces black and mixed women as much as all the makeup addicts of the planet.

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Developed by women of colour, black|Up is an upscale French beauty brand dedicated to the specific needs of women of colour, committed to respecting the unique nature of ethnic skins and celebrating their natural beauty. The Paris-based brand crafts professional-quality makeup that answers the specific needs of tan to darker skin tones. Shop from our wide offering of foundations, eyeshadow, mascara and more available online at ARC.