We invited 10 South Africans to join in on our new-kind-of beauty conversation; one that demands transparency, insists upon inclusivity and confidently throws the rule book out the window. 


Here at ARC, we're all about individuality; celebrating uniqueness and understanding the personal rituals you choose to practice every day, so that you can feel like your best self.   We invited 10 South Africans, of different ages, with different personalities, backgrounds styles and needs, to tell us about their unique beauty journey and asked them what makes them feel their best. With a series of beautiful, but un-photoshopped, images, we launch ARC through the experiences of our community - all to kickstart a new conversation around beauty. 

So come along on this journey with us, discover your favourite brands, invest in your skin, or find the perfect shade of lipstick. 

Get your skin looking its best with these skincare heroes

Experiment with new shades of lipstick for an updated, behind-the-mask look

Unisex scents with a modern middle-ground

Spoil yourself with head-to-toe body moisture

Found what you love? Feeling inspired? Let us know on our social @arcstoreofficial @ArcStoreSA@arcstore_sa and be part of our community by joining in our new beauty conversation. Stick around for more exciting things coming your way.